Thursday Keynote

Gaming experts and gamblers know and respect him as a master Card Mechanic-Manipulator who could take down any old-west casino or wipe out any high-stakes gambler. His unparalleled skill with a deck of cards has stirred and staggered audiences throughout the world. In the fall of 2017, IFC-Sundance Selects will release DEALT, a film about the life of Richard Turner that won the top “Audience Choice Award for Best Feature Documentary Film” as SXSW.

Having gone blind at age 9, Richard reveals how to fully use all of your senses, including vision. Providing examples of “Eyesight Insights,” he shows how to apply his guiding motto: As you think, so you are… as you dream determines what you become.┬áHis message is about developing creative muscle and iron-man focus, and how to convert doable dreams into real-world attainments.┬áHis life story is about how he took the “possible” out of “impossible” and, by illustrating proven examples from his own experiences, he provides exploitable tools for success.

Richard Turner

Motivational Speaker & Master Card Mechanic