Lightning Rounds


Winning Trust: A Modular Approach to Managing Change
Melissa Cresswell, Bryn Mawr College

From initial discovery to implementation, increase predictability and agility by putting together repeatable approaches for gathering input, communicating decisions, engaging stakeholders, and managing questions!


TU Life: Trinity University’s Implementation of Ellucian Mobile
Ender Ergun, Trinity University

This lightning talk will highlight TU Life, Trinity University’s custom implementation of Ellucian Mobile. It will briefly cover the app itself and the tools required to implement the Platform Edition of Ellucian Mobile.


An Inter-Institutional Staff Exchange
Fritz Vandover, Macalester College & Austin Robinson-Coolidge, Carleton College

In the summer of 2016, Janet Scannell (Carleton College) approached Jerry Sanders (Macalester College) about doing a long-term staff exchange between the IT departments at their respective institutions. A term of three months was chosen in order to give the participants enough time to engage the culture and make significant inroads at each institution. Our presentation will explore why and how this exchange was initiated and the experiences of the two participants.


UX for IT: Improving Department Communications
Courtney Cunningham, Trinity University

The way IT departments communicate with the campus is all too often an afterthought rather than a strategic plan. User experience principles should guide efforts to improve internal communications and relationships through emails, websites, digital signage, events, resources, training, and more.